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Business & Franchise Lawyer


Located in suburban Philadelphia, but with a national practice focused on small to medium sized businesses Tom understands the truly national and international marketplace today’s business leaders operate in. Prior to entering the field of law Tom spent 15 years as a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive and business leader. His passion for the law grew out of a desire to help and coach people through stressful and important business and life decisions.  His practice focuses on the transactions and contracts pertinent to small and medium size businesses and professional practices. These negotiations often include real estate leases, franchise contracts, medical or dental professional service contracts, asset purchase agreements, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements and many others.


Tom views his role as a lawyer to not only focus attention on the legal aspects of the deal including potentially unforeseen pitfalls, but also to be a positive influence on creating a win win situation for all the stakeholders. The least risky deal is the one that is never done, but that also stops progress. Tom’s philosophy is to help balance a client’s appetite for risk with the potential reward of getting a deal over the finish line.


From business startups, to franchise purchases, to professional practice acquisitions Tom Spadea is a seasoned, measured advocate that helps clients navigate the issues common to these sometimes complex transactions.